Ben goes Tabou

Ben goes Tabou

“I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Tabou team for 014”

After joining the Gaastra team last year it was almost a logical step to join the the Tabou team ,I had tried some of the boards in summer and I was very impressed how easy and fast they were and most off all they gybed amazing . These board in my eyes have been underestimated and I recon they are some of the best around don’t let the playful graphics fool you as these  Manta’s are real racing machines.

For me this is a beginning of what will be a longterm relationship working on both the Gaastra sails and the new Tabou boards .Working on the boards and Sails with Cedric Bordes ,Ross williams , Peter Munzlinger and Fabien Volenweider and the rest of the Tabou Gaastra team will be a pleasure and I am very motivated to get on the new Tabou boards and start the new season fresh.

I will be using the Tabou Manta 85 /71/61 as mu PWA setup and for the wave boards I have gone for the pockets 80 and 92.

My plans for 014 are to do some more racing as the 4 events last year just was not enough . I will try to do some more local races here in Spain as well as the Dutch championship and maybe even some formula and speed if I can fins the time.

I would like to thank Starboard for there support the last 3 years and I wish them all the best .